Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Review: EAA OSHKOSH, The Best AirVenture Photography

EAA OSHKOSH, The Best AirVenture Photography

Hal Bryan, James P. Busha and Dick Knapinski

Foreword by Jack J. Pelton

It’s not often I get to review a book, especially when the Foreword is written by our guest on

Airplane Geeks. It makes sense though. Jack Pelton knows OSHKOSH.

First, I was provided a review copy of the book by the publisher. I would like to thank Nichole

and Quarto Publishing Group, USA, for giving me the opportunity.

AirVenture had 550,000 visitors and 10,000 arrivals in 2015. How does one capture that?

Impossible! I could be there all week and still feel I had just scratched the surface. It is like that

pasta dinner that I can eat for what seems a lifetime, but the bowl looks like I haven’t touched a


If you are going for the first time to AirVenture, or it has been a while, I have a solution. Get this

book! For me, it was a refresher course and since some of the photos were shot when I was

there in 2011 and 2012, the book served as a lovely reminder. If you haven’t attended before, it

is a great way to “see” before you go. It is a road map to help you pick and choose what you’ll

want to see.

The book is written in chapters focusing on airplane types. At AirVenture—if you don’t already

know—the aircraft are parked together by type, such as Warbirds, Homebuilts, Classics,

Ultralights, and etc. The book is laid out in similar fashion, beginning with the Warbirds, and

ending with my favorite, the Seaplane Base. EAA OSHKOSH, The Best AirVenture

Photography showcases the order of aircraft the visitors would see as they walk Wittman Field

from north to south.

The majority of the aircraft footage is air-to- air. The photos chosen by the authors are amazing.

Having done air-to- air, it is 25% science and 75% having a good eye. The landscapes around

the airport lend themselves to great air-to- air photography. The greens of the forests, the brown

hues of the farms, and Lake Winnebago, that beautiful blue lake, and that summery sky.

Against those backdrops, the “book tourist” gets the weird wonderful and awesome aircraft—all

with that perfect prop blur.

“You go for the planes; you go back for the people,” is something I have always said. Chapter 4,

“Life at Oshkosh,” focuses on just that. From the Theatre in the Woods, to the volunteers, and

even the Pobereznys and their ubiquitous bug convertibles, the book just scratches the surface

of life at Oshkosh. I wish there had been more, but maybe that will be the next book! Likewise,

I think I would want to see more of the NORTH 40 and life there.

The book also contains interludes of “firsts” that occurred at AirVenture and more slice of life

photos. A smile crossed my face as a photo of the 787 appeared in the book. It brought back a

great memory for me. Some of the other photos I recognized as those that I took during my last

two AirVentures.

The book lists at $29.95 US, and for 200 plus pages of full colour photos, is a great value. EAA

OSHKOSH, The Best AirVenture Photography is filled with amazing aircraft, and more

importantly, the people who are AirVenture. If you have attended, it’s a reminder; if you are

planning to go, it’s a primer; and if you are still dreaming of going, it just might push you to make

it a reality.

You can get the book at, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles Bookstores.

Bryan, Hal, James P. Busha, and Dick Knapinski. EAA Oshkosh: The Best AirVenture

Photography. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Since the Main Stream Media won't ask helpful questions this Election Cycle, here are mine!

So as it stands now, I am completely undecided on who to vote for this coming April and November.
Since the Media will not ask questions that I care about, I thought I would come up with some of my own.  These might not seem to you to be appropriate questions but in my opinion it’s a way to find out who someone really is. 

Like all good moderators I have some rules.   

  1. Don’t Bullshit me! Answer the question otherwise I will keep asking it until you answer it.
  2. If it’s an either or—pick one! All the above or none of the above are not choices.  Decide on something for once!
  3.  Keep your answers brief: these aren’t hard questions.
  4.  When in doubt refer to rule 1.

So here we go!   Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, Senator Cruz, Governor Kasich and Mr. Trump, please answer the following: 

1.)     Have you ever, or do you want to inhale marijuana?   ( I really don’t care if they do or don’t I just want to see if they lie)
2.)    What’s your opinion on commercial UASs: do you agree with the FAA’s handling of Drones?
3.)    Boeing or Airbus? 
4.)    Do you believe we should still be flying the A-10 Warthog until the 2070s?
5.)    Can you for the record state the following:
a.       Israel is or is not our Ally in the Middle East?
b.      ISIS should be called ISIS and not ISIL and are clearly not a “JV Squad”
c.       China doesn’t own the SOUTH CHINA SEA, in spite of the name?
d.      Russia is a threat to the Middle East and Europe, and should not be trusted
6.)    Coke or Pepsi?
7.)    Do you believe in free speech or just free speech you like?
8.)    Whose side are you on Law Enforcement or  (Insert Group Name Here)?
9.)     Do you believe that the United States of America is special   (Note I didn’t say superior I said special)
10.) Since we as taxpayers have to account for every last dime, why the hell don’t you all?   (This answer cannot cite WALL STREET; I’m looking at you Senator from Vermont.)
11.)  Do you still believe in NATO?
12.)  Is chewing gum at any function as President acceptable?
13.)  What do you do when the NATIONAL ANTHEM is played?
14.)  If you come to Philadelphia, how do you like your Cheesesteak? 
15.)  Does the saying “IN GOD WE TRUST” still belong on our currency?
16.)   MAC or PC?
17.)  Thanksgiving Table,  Pumpkin or Apple Pie? 
18.)  Do you understand that we have a system of checks and balances?  That all three branches of Government are equal?   (It’s a Yes or No question.)
19.)  What’s your all-time favorite television show?
20.)  Beer or Wine?         
21.)  It’s Fourth of July, you’re at a Barbeque.  Hamburger or Hot Dog?
22.)  If there is a national crisis, the President should be in the White House, or return to the White House ASAP?
23.) Follow on … After 12 Years at my job I get 4 Weeks’ Vacation, after being in my Job 4 years I only had two.  Would you pledge that if elected President of the United States you would agree to TWO weeks vacation a year while you’re in office?
24.) Next Question is Really Hard!   Who do you think could do a better job as President than yourself?  
25.)  Last question: would you be willing to give your life for this country?  I ask since you will have the authority to order others to give up theirs. Do you understand what that means?

Lastly Extra Credit  . . .   If elected President of the United States will you provide me and my fellow Airplane Geeks Podcast co-hosts a flight on a VC-25.  Also I would prefer the call sign for that flight not be Air Force One if you know what that means?