Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Friday: ME-163 Komet What a difference a year makes.

Here is the National Air and Space Museum's ME-163B-1 Komet  The first two pictures were taken last July (2010).  The Second two taken on be a Pilot Day.  It grew wings and moved.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

T-42 to #OSH11: Flights booked, interview requests started.

Well the trigger was pulled I booked flights to  ORD, much to the chagrin of Dan and Rob I am flying United.  I was blessed,  Shell let me use her miles. 
So now the hard work has begun.  I want to make this week count.  I am setting a goal of 4 interviews a day.  That’s  twenty-eight interviews.   Much of that could be the copyrighted David Vanderhoof, Grant McHerron technique of introducing ourselves and then before they know it shoving a mic under there noses.  But also it involves sending out introduction letters/ emails.  Scheduling and arranging them in advance.  I sent out my first five today.   I will see what kind of responses I get. Over the next week I will try and set a goal of sending out about 5 a day.  Previous experiences show that for every 5 emails I get at least one response for the interview.  Several times it didn’t happen because of circumstances but I tried.   
The four interviews a day also will let me see the show.   I looked at the Media News Conferences and  I know that I will make it an intention to go to each mornings Media Conference.  I also know that I will be at the Media event for Bob Hoover, on Tuesday the 26th. 
I want to see the  Centennial of Naval Aviation Show.  I would like to be there for
“The always popular Warbirds in Review on July 27 will profile the Navy pilots and current owners of a comprehensive list of naval aircraft on Scotts Warbird Alley, including an F8F Bearcat painted in a Blue Angels scheme, an F7F Tigercat, and an award-winning SNJ Tailhook trainer. Additional forums and interview sessions will be held alongside featured aircraft on ConocoPhillips Plaza.”
In other news, I have decided on Sneakers.   Still trying to figure out if I fit in my flight suit from 20 years ago. 
So the question of the day  Ball Cap or Wide Brimmed hat?
Anyone want to take an Airplane Geek Flying? 
Back to writing requests for interviews. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

T-50 and Counting. Off to #OSH11

Well the clocked started ticking.  On Friday June 3rd I received notice, that I have credentials as Media for EAA AirVenture 2011.  I think I am going to blog about this on a regular basis and my prep to go to this show.

 This is not my first trip to Oshkosh.  In 1990  1992 I went to Oshkosh with the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum aboard their Martin 404.   Here it is 21  19 years later and I am going back. ( Messed up the dates!)

The last trip was a “working trip”, I had to spend at least 4 hours a day working the store at the airplane, or giving “tours”.  This time is going to be different, I will be working but I will have cameras and my trusty Sony IC digital video recorder.  Ok I had my Pentax K-1000, 21 years ago and 40 rolls of 36 exposure film  (1,440 shots) Now I will probably shoot 4GB or 800 pictures a day.   There is a huge difference, in 20 years makes.

Thinking some other differences.  Communication.  I had a calling card on that trip.  I called home to my then girlfriend and my parents the pay phone was near AeroShell Square I vaguely remember.  The calls were five minutes, life is good I am well and I miss you.   This time I will be equipped with iPhone with email and GPS. I will have HAL my 13 inch Mac Book Pro and if I can get Wi-Fi hopefully a Skype call home to my beloved wife, on video no less.  

I was just another visitor back in 1990 92.  Yes I was crew with a plane but really the only people I knew were the people I came with.  This year it’s different.  I tweeted that I was going to #OSH11 proper hash tag included.  I then got many responses saying they were looking forward to meeting me there. Still haven’t gotten used to people wanting to meet me?

Commuting there, well again I am flying via an airliner however it will not be direct.
Somehow I need to get from ORD to OSH still need to work that out! More on that planning to come in future posts.  

Staying will be different also.  I as it stand now I will be living in a tent.  The last time it was a college dorm room.  It’s been a long time since I have been camping.  While I do know where my towel always is, the same does not apply to my sleeping bag. 

My goal is to begin making contacts.  I have already said that I will be at Dan @Airplanista Pimentel’s party on Friday Night.   Now to start making those other commitments and working on interviews.  I do have some tentative goals:
·      I want to somehow get to the Seaplane Base.
·      I want to take more pictures of the ME-109E in the Museum, I took three pictures cause I was so shocked at what I was looking at.
·      I need to go back to Ardy & Eds.  Rootbeer Floats served by carhops on skates is still awesome.
·      For the reaching for the skies interviews, I would love to interview two of my heroes RA “Bob” Hoover and Burt Rutan.  Burt’s Niece Jenna has been on the Geeks and Bob and I go way back he used to shake my hand when he would fly into Willow Grove for the air shows.   Still remember that smile, and straw hat. 
·      I was privileged to see the 357th pilots; I look forward to Nightly Shows.
·      I am looking forward to seeing Glacier Girl; she was there at OSH in 1992, albeit in parts, laid out in a tent next to the DC-3 that brought her to OSH.
·      Anyone want to take a poor historian flying that week?  Let me know!

Well 50 Days and yes I am counting!   Now where is that sleeping bag????