Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April #avgeekphoto challenge by @airport_girl : My log Book

So if you don't know what this is about check out #avgeekphoto Challenge   Since Stephanie asked me to participate I thought I would keep a log of my photos, as well as post them to twitter.  So here it goes I not sure I can do all thirty but I will try.

Day #1  Your Favorite Airline: Lufthansa

Day#2 Fixed Wing: Ok small in this case

Day#3 Your Favorite Aircraft: Of Course its the C-130
Day#4 A Pilot:  Well here is my Favorite A-380 Pilot @jetwhine Robert Mark with me

Day#5 Night Flight 
 Day#6 Cockpit the Lovely Steam Gauges of a C-130E!

Day #7 An Engine.  The front of the Rolls Royce Pegasus 

Ok, and the back at least the right side! The movable bits. 

Day #8: Wheels Down!  An QF-4E  Gear, Flaps, Hook all hanging out.

Day#9 Wheels Up!  

Day #10 Contrails both Military & Civilian 

Day #11 Window Seat Over Chi Town

Day#12 Rotors The Sky Soldiers Demonstration Team

Day #13 Tail Art.  I have been waiting for this one!! The Star Warriors  VAQ-209's CAG. 

Day #14 Landing Gear  The Nose Gear door of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force's B-2 

Day #15 Logo's and Livery's  Old School from Smithsonian's Boeing Stratoliner 

Day #16  Wings Ok one  wing!  The Northrop Grumman X-47B 

Day #17  An Airport I Love! Cape May County/NAS Wildwood  KWWD

Day #18 An Airport I HATE??  Stephanie explain ?  Does not Compute?  As a true #AVGEEK there can't be such as place.  I refuse to comply with such silliness.  Rant Over. 

Day#19  The Frequent Flyer Lounge.  Well have to stretch, a little  Here is the Shuttle's most Frequent flyer Discovery #OV103 in her new lounge @airandspace Udvar-Hazy Center. 

Day #20 The Fleet!  My Personal Fleet of . . . Models and the Legendary TAIL HOOK 

Day #21 Baggage Handling Well all the baggage I had when I came home from #OSH11

Day #22 On Approach Well here is OV-103 Discovery aboard the SCA on final to her home at the Udvar-Hazy Center of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. 

Day #23 Metal Birds:  Not an ounce of carbon fiber in this lot!

Day #24 General Aviation 

Day #25 Military Aviation Three of the Greatest Military Fighters.

Day #26 A Piece of Aviation History The Bell 47K  that President Eisenhower became the first President to fly in a Helicopter.

Day#27 Your Aviation Hero R.A. "Bob" Hoover

Day #28 Birth of Aviation Well the Birth of Naval Aviation  The 1911 Curtis Pusher Replica

Day #29 Experimental Aircraft  Rutan's Boomerang!!

Day #30 An AvGeek on his Birthday!!  ME!!!!

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